Tyre trouble

Irregular wearing  of truck tyres

Damages  of truck tyres

Many tyre problems are caused by mechanical conditions in the vehicle. Therefore, to obtain maximized tyre performance, vehicles must be properly maintained.

The main causes which cut down tyre life:

  • mismatched inflation pressures or tire diameters in a dual assembly
  • overload condition or\and underinflation
  • out of balance condition
  • worn shock absorber
  • worn tie rod ends or\and kingpins
  • loose or worn wheel bearings
  • axle misalignment
  • incorrect steering angle in turns
  • high speed empty haul
  • aggressive use of brakes
  • unbalanced brake system
  • sharp/fast turn
  • riding over curbs or the edge of roads
  • spinning on ice, sand, gravel, etc.
  • 5th wheel isn’t greased
  • use of an improper tire for the axle position or service condition
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