18.4-26 ( 480/80-26 ) Malhotra MRT-329

TRA code: R-1

Tread depth:

Load index: 150/146

Max load:

Pressure: 2.8 bar

Speed index: A6/A8

Max speed:

Ply rating: 14PR

Tube tyre


Model Malhotra MRT-329
Carcass design Bias
Overall diameter (mm) 1450
Section width (mm) 467
TT/TL Tube tyre
Tread pattern Chevron

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18.4-26 Malhotra MRT-329 14PR

  • Brand: Malhotra
  • Product Code: MRT-329
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 13 049грн.

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18.4-26 Malhotra MRT-329 14PR

18.4-26 Malhotra MRT-329 14PR

18.4-26 ( 480/80-26 ) Malhotra MRT-329TRA code: R-1Tread depth:Load index: 150/146Max load:Pressure:..

13 049грн.

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