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Truck tyres and wheels. Delivery within Ukraine.

     Are you looking for proven truck tyres for affordable price? We sell any kinds of durable, reliable truck tyres and wheels. In our shop you can find tyres for steer, drive, trailer axle and all-position. Truck tyres are presented by highly demanded and recognizable brands such as

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company: Sava, Dunlop, Goodyear, FuldaKelly.

Michelin: Michelin, Kormoran, Orium, Tigar, BFGoodrich, Riken.

Shandong Haohua Tire: AplusLanvigatorPowertrac.

Shandong Hengfeng Rubber & Plastic: SunfullFesiteHiflyOvationOnyxRuifulai, MirageChangfeng, Satoya.

Shandong Huasheng Rubber: TaitongKapsen.

Shandong Transtone Tyre: TranstoneBestrcihKingrun, Safemax, Safestone.

Qingdao Fullrun Tyre Corp: AntyreFullrun, Autogrip.

Yuelong Tire Group: ConstancyGrenlander, Aonaite, Carleo.

Xingyuan Tires: AnnaiteAmberstone, Hilo.

AeolusDoubleCoinDoubleStarDoubleRoad GiTi,  GTRadial, LingLongTriangle Aufine, Benton, AustoneBoto Daewoo, DouproForce, Fronway, Goldshield JinyuLongMarchOdyking, Sailun, RoadLux, Advance, Samson,  Pirelli, Westlake, HankookKumhoMarshal.

     The most popular sizes of truck tyres:

385/65R22.5 trailer  385/65R22.5 steering — 385/55R22.5  425/65R22.5

315/80R22.5 steering — 315/80R22.5 driving — 315/70R22.5 steering — 315/70R22.5 driving

295/80R22.5 steering — 295/80R22.5 driving — 295/80R22.5 driving OFFROAD

315/60R22.5 steering — 315/60R22.5 driving — 295/60R22.5 steering — 295/60R22.5 driving

275/70R22.5 steering — 275/70R22.5 driving

13R22.5 steering — 13R22.5 driving — 11R22.5 steering — 11R22.5 driving

315/80R22.5 driving OFFROAD —  315/80R22.5 steering OFFROAD

285/70R19.5 steering — 285/70R19.5 driving — 285/70R19.5 trailer

265/70R19.5 steering — 265/70R19.5 driving — 265/70R19.5 trailer

245/70R19.5 steering — 245/70R19.5 driving — 245/70R19.5 trailer

445/45R19.5 — 435/50R19.5 — 385/55R19.5

245/70R17.5 steering — 245/70R17.5 driving — 245/70R17.5 trailer

235/75R17.5 steering — 235/75R17.5 driving — 235/75R17.5 trailer

215/75R17.5 steering — 215/75R17.5 driving — 215/75R17.5 trailer

225/75R17.5 steering — 225/75R17.5 driving

12.00R20 — 11.00R20 — 10.00R20 — 9.00R20 — 8.25R20

320P508 — 300P508 — 280P508 — 260P508 — 240P508

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     Truck tyres those are bought in our shop we deliver within Ukraine. About the ways of payment you can more detailed read here.